Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Turning to the interior - 1920’s House

It is finally time!   I am so excited to turn my attention to the interior of the 1920’s dollhouse!   

I finished exterior of the 1920’s house and wasted no time in turning the house around so that I could see the interior rooms.   I operate on the belief that the house will speak to me if I look at it long enough and the ideas for each room will become clear.  Yeah, I know...I sound nuts!   Hahaha. But irregardless if my mental state, I wanted that house turned around so that I could stare into the empty rooms for a while to decide what to do with each room.  

Immediately I went to work on some light demolition work.   I had some pictures to take off the walls. There were a few shelves to remove. And the curtains needed to come down!   I pulled all the loose wall paper off the walls and scrapped up the foam tape.

Right now the current thoughts for each room: 

Bottom floor:   (From left to right ). Living room, kitchen, formal dining room

Second Floor : (From Left to right) girls room, bathroom (or maybe little boys room) parents bedroom, library. 

attic:  who knows.....some of the attic will be dependent upon what goes on in the two rooms in the addition to the right. Some of my cast off ideas may make it to the attic.  

The girls room will be frilly and pink.  I will need to put in a doorframe and make that area behind the second room (the possible bathroom) into a hallway.  I actually like the green wall paper and it is in good shape back in that halllway. So that will remain...with the simple addition of some pictures/art on the wall.    I was originally set that I would be putting in a bathroom in the small room.   But then when I turned it around I thought...why not a small bedroom?  Sure the house wouldn’t have a bathroom but come on now...I can pretend it is off that hall...right?

The addition off to the right has been a conundrum to me.  I like the thought of the formal dining room.   I love the idea of a formal library!  But I have contemplated turning that addition into a home business and using the rooms for other types of rooms that would be found in a house.  Here are some of my ideas.
    -   I’ve thought about a doctors office.  Downstairs being the actual office where the doctor sees patients and the upstairs being the doctors private room and storeroom for supplies. 
    - I have thought about an apothecary...lots of bottles and potions.
    - I have thought about using one room as a music room.
    - most recently I came up with the idea for a 1920’s photography Studio.  How fun would that be??

I settle on an idea and I’m good with it...I was totally settled on the idea of a music room...and even bought some small instruments.  But then the idea of the library overcame that thought....so I started to make books.. But then the photography studio idea took hold and I started to research vintage cameras.  

Right now I am leaning toward library and dining room and in the attic...creating a photography studio.  (But I’d I do the photography studio in the addition I will put a library into the attic.  See how my mind works?? Hahaha)

Time will tell.  Right now, I am working on books...because if there isn’t a library in the addition it will be in the attic...and if the library doesn’t make it to the attic, there will be a room box with an ornate library.

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