Wednesday, June 10, 2020

StoneHouse Quilts: Problem Solved

Where do I put the quilt shop?  The dining room has looked like a cyclone struck for quite some time as I have had projects on the table, the actual quilt shop on the table,  the McKinley on a bench against the wall.  Luckily I live with and love a very patient and understanding man who hasn’t seemed bothered about my hobby and the accompanying messes! But honestly, I have despaired about what in the world to do with another dollhouse.  Where was I going to ‘permanently’ display this house.   Where indeed!   Was I going to be forced to sell/give it away as soon as it reaches completion?

But luckily for me, I was sitting working at my desk  (I am currently working from home) and  I looked over and saw my Mini Mansion project sitting on a shelf across the room.    A partially empty shelf sat next to it (ok, it was it wasn’t really empty, but it didn’t have a lot on it) and I decided that the quilt shop had found its new home!

It’s not pretty at the moment because I have both houses turned with the fronts of the houses facing the wall...but you get the idea!

So what have I been doing?   Well, after the mini crazy quilt   I almost completely halted work on the dollhouse while I pieces a human sized crazy quilt.  I did one that had a bit of a modern twist.  It still needs quilted. But that’s on the back burner until I can hit a store and can find backing material.  With things finally starting to slowly reopen, that may happen sometime soon!

I didn’t let that stop me though.  I have done a few things in the world of dollhouses and particularly in the StoneHouse Quilt Shop

In the downstairs, not much has happened.  I still need to make a few small things like scissors, more things for the shelves , items for the check out counter and I need to hang the quilts!  (And apparently take down the tape on the over the door shelf now that the glue is dry!)

The upstairs is where I have done a fair amount of work.  I built more display shelves and made a ton of bolts of fabric...and a ton of ‘fat quarters’ for the display!  I think that I am done with furniture.  I don’t think I will know for sure until the quilts go up on the walls.  I think that the quilts will add a lot of depth and ‘coziness’ to these rooms. So that just leaves me with the little fun things to add...which I have to make of course (since this project is all about buying nothing and making it all!).

The second picture.  I am so debating.  I have another circular display...does that room need the second one?  Or does it just overcrowd the room?

Ahh decisions decisions decisions!  

The attic poses another question mark for me.   Quilting room?  Storage?  Office?  More displays?  Right now it is my storage area for everything.  But I’m getting to the point that I will soon have to focus on that space.

It is a slow process.  But I am thoroughly enjoying creating the StoneHouse quilt shop!  My mind is spinning with ideas for this project AND the next project!  Soo much to little time!!!


  1. It's coming along so nicely. I love what you've done so far. It's all those last little things that we spend so much time agonizing over, isn't it. If you're like me your "light-bulb-moment" will come at 3 a.m. when you are desperately trying to get to sleep but your minis won't let your mind rest! Hugs. - Marilyn D.

  2. MaryFran I'm so glad that you were able to work out the space issue and find a great place to display both projects! Space is an issue for all of us as some point. The more we dive into this hobby the more we turn to room boxes or smaller scales. Whatever you do, don't stop creating because you truly have a gift and talent! Speaking of... Your real sized crazy quilt is so fun and I love the fabrics and shapes you chose! Reminds me of the ones my grandma made for us growing up from pieces of clothing from all seven of her kids!
    The quilt shop layout is wonderful and I can imagine shopping there and finding intriguing displays in every nook and cranny!

  3. I've made one quilt, a lady bug quilt. It was so much work and it took me years to get it quilted. Now, I very cautiously display it on the bed because someone might spoil it--like the dog or the cat or a guest who dares to take a soda or coffee to the bedroom. Anyway, your project is ambitious and amazing. And Mary, as I checked back to one my first dollhouse blog post, your are there! You've been with me since the beginning and do appreciate that. I'll try to get around to you more often, especially to see this project finished. As for displaying my houses: I have a village in the basement. I'm lucky to have that space.

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